ADA Accessibility Upgrades including Residential Elevators

At VMC we like to think of ourselves as an accessibility contractor as we strive to create a safe and accessible environment for our clients and their guests.

Unfortunately, most homes in the Boulder and the greater front range area were not built with this concept in mind.

Whether you are planning for your retirement, have a family member with special needs or just want to make your home more disability friendly, we will work with you to reach your goals.  Having your home ADA modified can help you maintain your independence, possibly delaying or avoiding costly retirement or assisted living arrangements. Also, when it comes time to sell, accessibility modifications will improve your home’s value and marketability.

Our expertise in the Universal Design technique makes VMC an attractive choice for those looking to make their homes more accessible. Universal Design is the concept of creating attractive yet functional living spaces where people can live or visit regardless of their age or physical abilities. As our life-spans lengthen, the application of Universal Design becomes increasingly relevant. Not only does this design approach encourage independent living for all individuals, it also improves property value and home marketability.

The following are some design features you may want to incorporate into your design:

Residential elevators/Lifts
Having an elevator in your home is no longer a rare luxury. Sprawling, ranch homes are a rarity in the Boulder/Denver area; tight lots make multi-story homes the norm. Installing an elevator or lift is one of VMC’s specialties. Planning a new home or remodel so that an elevator can be easily installed at a later date just makes sense

ADA entry threshold
A step-free entrance allows everyone, including those in a wheelchair, to enter your home safely and with ease.

Wide Doors and Hallways:
When doorways are at least 36” wide, they make moving large pieces of furniture easier and create space for wheelchair-bound guests and family members.

Grab Bars:
Even if you’re not ready for grab bars, proactively installing backing in water-closets and shower/tub areas makes later installation easy

Multi-Level Kitchen Counters
Multi-level kitchen counters allow ample wheelchair access in the kitchen while also being child friendly.

Recessed, Pendant and Under Cabinet Lighting
Ample lighting improves visibility and safety for everyone in your home.

Low or No Threshold Showers
Showers that are flush to the floor provide proper drainage while also allowing roll-in access for wheelchairs. Custom niches and benches are a feature that everyone can enjoy.

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