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Van Matre Construction is a custom home builder that specializes in building high-quality, personalized residences that maximize our clients investment value while delivering exactly what the client desires. From modern contemporary homes to traditional estates, Brady Van Matre and his team of specialists are committed to tailoring each home to the lifestyle and dreams of their clients.  When you choose Van Matre Construction, you are hiring a team of dedicated professionals devoted to delivering the best product possible.

VMC has constructed many custom homes of all types, sizes and price ranges enabling us to bring our experience to bear no matter what you desire.  While some clients have defined their desires down to the detailed plans stage, others look for more guidance during the planning and build process.  Van Matre partners with many reputable local architects and is able to offer full design-build services if required and is always willing to discuss alternatives when a decision needs to be made during the build.

Planning a custom home or large remodel/addition can seem like a daunting task for someone pondering the idea:  How much will it cost?  How long will it take?  How will I finance the project?  How can I get a realistic idea of what it will cost before sinking a lot of money into architects and designers?

Because it is impossible to give a firm price without a complete set of plans, and a good set of plans is a serious investment, people typically find themselves in a bit of a quandary: how can you find out how much a project will cost without committing to hiring an architect?  Van Matre recommends that people considering building a custom home or a large remodel/addition take the following steps:

Consult with a custom home builder like Van Matre Construction that builds actively in your area.  Van Matre knows the peculiarities of building in Boulder and Boulder County and has built enough homes in every price and finish category to accurately approximate costs.   We spend the time up front to get an understanding of what a client’s wishes are for a home; discussing details like flooring options, window choices, roofing, size and types of spaces and any other special features a client wants in their home.  All of these details are important in ball parking the cost of a project

If the preliminary budget fits within what a client is prepared to spend, it is time to hire an architect.  Van Matre can help steer you towards the right architect for your project from a pool of excellent design professionals VMC has worked with on previous successful projects.  As plans evolve from sketch phase to bid set, VMC stays involved with the process, making sure the design is trending towards the ‘target’ budget.  When the plans are complete, the client is free to bid the job to as many contractors as they feel appropriate.

In terms of quoting your build, VMC is happy to build on either a Guaranteed Maximum Price (also called fixed fee) basis or a Time and Materials (also called cost-plus) basis.

Please email us or call in order to get the process started!

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